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Evergain Deluxe Aerobic Swim Exerciser 308
Evergain Deluxe Aerobic Swim Exerciser 308

The 308 has all of the features of the Evergain 305 DL, plus: Integrated Neck Massager to increase mobility and range of motion in shoulders and neck.

Far Infared Ray Technology integrated into the foot massager.

New Digital Timer remote control with cutomizable settings.

6 Bio-Magnets integrated into soft neck and foot rest.

Three Year Warranty - Parts & Labor

Health, Fitness & Relaxation From 15 Minutes of Daily Exercise

Today's hectic lifestyle means you often don't have the time to exercise properly. Combined with an unbalanced diet, undue stress and air pollution, many problems such as headaches, dizziness, lower back pain, and constipationcan occur.

To combat this, you need to maintain the proper oxygen content in your body. The Evergain Aerobic Exerciser/Stress-Buster was specifically designed to do this, as well as to suit your busy schedule.

For only 15 minutes per day, you can properly exercise your muscles throughout the whole body, while achieving a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day---de-stressed!

The heated foot massager (in the Deluxe and Super-Deluxe models ) delivers precise stimulations to vital points of the sole and achieves all the benefits of Reflexology.

The Super-Deluxe Model also has the added features of: Neck Massage (for immobility neck muscles), Shoulder Massage with Far Infrared Ray Enegy and Bio-Magnetic Therapy.

Do you know that the most common lower back pain and headaches are due to hours of sitting at your desk or standing all day long ? By doing this, your blood becomes stagnant. The Evergain Aerobic Exerciser/Stress-Buster can help reverse this effect by allowing better blood circulation to help alleviate such symptoms.

Nowadays, more and more doctors and alternative medicine practitioners are using good blood circulation as an important criterion for good health.


1.A unique exercising machine for everyone without restrictive factors as to time, space, location and weather condition. 2.The only exerciser that does not exert body pressure on limbs and joints, that the user exercises while in perfect relaxed condition. 3.The gentle, low-impact motions guarantee desirable results without contraindications. 4.Portable and easy to use, thus enhancing a sustained exercise routine.


1.Reduces pounds and inches on waistline; firms and tones your thighs, hips and buttocks. 2.Alleviates stress-related conditions, anxiety, headaches, lower back pain, migraines, constipation, and edema. 3.Expedites blood circulation and bodily metabolism. 4.Improves the efficiency of your liver, kidneys and other organs. 5.Strengthens your immune system and respiratory system. 6.Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification process, especially in the lower feet region.


1.The gentle vibrating massage on the sole instantly revitalizes the tired legs. 2.Stimulations on precise vital points (convergent points of nerve endings) of the sole promote a wide range of healing benefits via Reflexology. 3.Heat energy from the element stimulates tired cells and soothes the mental stress. 4.The soft, padded foot-rest gives extra comfort to the feet while in oscillating motions. 5.The permanent magnets embedded in the soft foot-rest effect a magnetic therapy. 6.The additional central grove in the foot-rest of the Super-Deluxe model helps to alleviate tension and stress on neck muscles (immobility muscles in medical field) an ideal feature for people working long hours in front of a computer. 7.Shoulder Massage can be achieved effectively by leaning the shoulder and neck against the heated (with FIR) massage panel.


1.Remove your shoes and lie down on your back with both feet (near the ankles) placed on the footrest, aligning the body perpendicular to the machine. 2.Set the timer to 5, 10 or 15 minutes. 3.Slowly turn the speed dial clockwise to the position two blocks past "ON". This setting represents the optimum speed (150 revolutions per minute) for a medium size person. 4.Adjust the speed slightly according to your body weight (anti-clockwise for small size and clockwise for big size person). 5.Place your arms at your sides; close eyes and relax. 6.For toning and firming purposes, put both hands above the head and rest on the floor; close eyes and relax. 7.When the machine stops, take a deep breath and continue to remain in the same position for several minutes. 8.Slowly lean to one side and get up. 9.Drink a full glass of water, if possible, to flush out bodily toxins and to replenish cellular fluid. * Please Note: Faster is NOT better!

FOR DELUXE MODEL ONLY (in addition to above usage):

1.At the back of the machine, turn on the heating switch to "Hi" position and the vibrating switch to "Lo" position. 2.Sit comfortably on a chair and put both feet on the vibrating panel in the front of the machine. 3.Move your feet slowly around the heating sources, relax and enjoy the sole massage. 4.You may wish to adjust the heating temperature and/or the vibrating speed by switching the positions ( "Hi" or "Lo" ) of the respective controls.


Do not use: - if a physician has advised against exercising; - if you are pregnant; - if you have a heart problem; - if you are recovering from a recent wound; - if you have any unhealed bone fractures; - if you have eaten within the past hour. The best way to use the machine is to place it on a flat, firm surface when in use. First time users should start using the machine for 5 minutes at a time, increasing the duration as is comfortable. If you have any medical questions regarding your use of the machine, please contact your physician.

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